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Cycling Spoken Here Cycle NC Bike Shipping and Handling - 2019

Cycling Spoken Here Cycle NC Bike Shipping and Handling
This item is currently not available.


Looking to participate in CNC rides but have no way getting your bike to the event? Have no fear! Let us do all the heavy lifting.

How it works:
* Ship your bike directly to us with a return Shipping label enclosed.
*We'll assemble your bike, store your bike box and provide a safety inspection.
*Your bike will be transported to the start of the ride on the Cary CNC bike transport vehicle.
*Have an awesome time
*After you've crossed the finish line on the last day, make sure to turn your bike in to the CNC Vehicle going to Cary
*We will pick up your bike Re box it (in your stored bike box) and mail it back to you (remember ro include your return shipping label.

Do's And Don'ts

Don't pack any C02 cartridges with your boxed bike
Don't pack any personal items with your boxed bike
Don't uninstall any mounted racks from your bike before shipping

Do take a picture of your boxed bike inside and outside
Do double check all shipping information
Do schedule your bike pick up with bike flights no earlier than 4 days post ride
Do leave a nice note for your bike mechanics.

Part Numbers

WFLSHIP08 LAB32965649A