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Find Your Comfort Zone

We'll Help You Find Comfort & Efficiency So You Can Achieve Your Goals

More Than A Sizing
When you walk into a shop and stand over a bike until you find the one that works best, you've been sized. A fit is much more than a sizing! When you're sized, you're finding the bicycle your body is most compatible with. When you are fit, that bike is then adjusted to meet your exact wants and needs.

Why Get A Bike Fit?
No matter what level cyclists you are, having a more comfortable bike means enjoying ride time more. We use information about your bone structure, body composition, and personal preferences to make your bicycle more comfortable. For most people, this is reason enough to invest in a bicycle fit.

In addition to comfort, bicycle fits also improve overall efficiency. When you're fit to your bike, we match your body's geometry up with the geometry of the bike to make every pedal stroke both more powerful and more efficient, improving performance dramatically.



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frame rate


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Static Sizing


Free with any bike purchase!

What's Included?
A basic bicycle sizing done with a bike trainer. Basic saddle & stem adjustments performed.

Tech Specs
- 10-12 FPS Human Eye Tracking

Precision Fit


What's Included?
- Single View Motion Capture Analysis (Sagittal Plane)
- Comfort & Riding Style Interview
- Cycling Shoe Adjustments For Efficiency

Tech Specs
- 60 FPS Single Angle Camera Tracking

2D Motion Analysis


What's Included?
- Simultaneous View Motion Capture Analysis (Sagittal And Frontal Plane)
- Comfort & Riding Style Interview
- Full Foot & Shoe Consultation
- Range Of Motion Measurements
- Position Analysis & Suggestions
- Take Home Packet Of Information

Tech Specs
- 120 - 240 FPS Multiple Angle Camera Tracking
- SICI Fit Bike
- Dartfish Motion Capture System